R U half full or half empty person???

by Cici Yusi Rianti on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 10:12am @ USA
Have ever heard this expression before: “Half full or half empty?” yeah….it’s about your point of view to read the way of your life or situation. When you see a glass filled up with half water, what will you say? is it half full or half empty?
Your point of view to answer this question represents what kind of person you are. If you see it as half full it means that u r optimistic person, but if u see it as half empty, it means that u r pessimistic.Maybe u once read a book from Indonesia “Setengah penuh, setengah isi” or “Half full, half empty” MQS publisher. Well, I only read some of the stories, not all….hehee…..but the book teaches us how to motivate ourselves based on the people’s experiences.

Your point of view of being optimist or pessimist affects Ur personality in facing the problem of ur life. I am sure, no one always has smooth life, there must be obstacles…stumble and fall. As a muslim, I remember that this is also taught in our belief; one of the hadist said that:

“Ana ‘inda Zhonni ‘abdii bii”(Aku sesuai dengan prasangka hamba-Ku kepada-Ku) (“God is in each and every prejudice of he human being itself”). So be optimist when there is a problem, because God is helper of His servants.
As a human being once we feel very sad and pessimist, but try to build and view everything in positive way.
Alam Nasyrah (94): And eased thee of the burden (2) Which weighed down thy back; (3) And exalted thy fame? (4) But lo! with hardship goeth ease (5), with hardship goeth ease (6) So when thou art relieved, still toil (7) And strive to please thy Lord. (8). “Karena sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan, maka apabila kamu telah selesai (dari sesuatu urusan), kerjakanlah dengan sungguh-sungguh (urusan) yang lain”

So…..no matter Ur problems are, no matter Ur point of view is, no matter how U r, no matter how difficult U reach Ur dream is………just believe “That every cloud has silver lining” ^_^V. Keep Struggling!

-Peace n Love- ^_^V

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